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Sharon Stewart
23.03.2024 05:52:33
My ex fiancee and I just recently ended things. It has been one hell of a healing journey but I’m grateful I chose this path instead of the painful marriage that was ahead of me. After the “beautiful” proposal which was not expected, I wanted to make sure that I hadn’t made the wrong decision since we only dated five months. I casually got on the internet and got hold of CyberPunk Programmers amongst a pool of other companies, since they came highly recommended. The agents asked for his phone number and within a few hours, I got detailed access to his phone, from his social media activities and conversations, messages, and call logs. I found out this man had a plethora of conversations with multiple women who he even met up and sent money and gifts. I confronted him and ended things the same day. If you have doubts about a marriage, you better be sure about who you engage yourself with. I worked with CyberPunk Programmers and they were good to me.

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